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All Wedding Photography Packages Include Slide Shows!

Utah Wedding Videos and Photographer Best Images Photography wedding package prices start at $495. Book your wedding today while dates are still available.

Utah Wedding Videos and Wedding Photographer Richard Gatt proves that "Best" doesn't have to cost more.

Clients of Utah wedding photographer Richard Gatt often tell him that he creates some of the best photographic images available in or around Salt Lake City, Utah. In fact, some would say he is one of the best wedding photographers in Utah. And, you don't have to pay more! Richard's prices are very affordable.While most of Richard's photography memorializes weddings, he also specializes in family, pregnancy, glamour, child, and pet photography and portraiture. While approximately 50 percent of Richard's wedding photography is of temple weddings, he also specializes in traditional wedding photography in Utah.

Richard takes great pride in treating you and your family with the utmost respect on your wedding day. He believes that your wedding day is your unique celebration and that you are its celebrities—and that is the way you will be treated. Richard knows the importance of trust and respect throughout the process, and he specializes in exceeding his clients' expectations always. All too often, Richard has heard of stories of a wedding photographer who embarrassed the bride and groom on their wedding day by acting in a rude manner; their disappointment is almost always obvious in the photography, but obviously there can be no do-over. Richard knows that you want none of that! He gets it right the first time and understands that he is there to capture the joy and memorialize your special day with his photography in your own special way.

A wedding photographer since 1987, Richard also creates bridal, engagement and family photography. Offering one-stop shopping, he also creates beautiful, memorable and affordable wedding photography invitations.

Richard began his career at Kodak shortly after graduation from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a major in photography. Following his experience at Kodak, he opened his own studio in Rochester, a business he operated for over 11 years. After relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1998, Richard established a wedding photography studio.

An experienced and talented photographer/photojournalist, whose skills are fine-tuned to capture the essence of the event, Richard produces only high-quality wedding photography at an affordable price. Even throughout day-long shoots, he is able to keep the entire wedding party entertained and relaxed. His well-honed technique allows him to work through the wedding day formal portraits with uncommon smoothness and efficiency. Richard knows how important it is for you to have wonderful memories of your wedding day, to share your big day with family and friends as much as possible, and to avoid becoming bogged down with logistics.

Richard's commitment to quality and affordability is the hallmark of his professionalism. He posts his price list here on his website, so that you may compare his prices against other photographers who call themselves his competition. See for yourself why what his clients say about Richard as a photographic artist is true and why the Best Photographic Images in or around the Greater Salt Lake City Area and throughout Utah don't have to cost more.

A Few Reasons Why You Should book Best Images Photography For Your Wedding:

  • No Mileage Fees Along the Wasatch Front. This Includes Ogden to Provo!
  • My Prices Are Far Less Then Other Photographers of My Level at Quality! See My Price List Posted Inside!
  • All My Packages Include All Original Images on a DVD From Your Wedding Day! You Own The Copyrights!
  • I Have Been in Business Since 1987!
  • All Bridal and Engagement Portraits Can Be Photographed in My Portrait Studio! See My Studio Shots Page!
  • I Can Create Your Own Custom Wedding Invitations with the Engagement Portraits! See My Invitations Examples Inside!
Utah Wedding Photography

Utah Wedding Photography

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